Madoka oh dear

Can't sleep....

I'm having trouble sleeping.  It's near 2AM.  I was going to drink some warm milk but the milk just expired.  :(  I think I may make some Camomile tea to see if that helps.
Cat and Rainbow

Long eventful day...

So, today we went to a town an hour away called "Arab". We went to pick up a game system from there that someone on Facebook was selling at Walmart.  On the way leaving, we decided... hey, we really should put our GPS... but we were in the road.  So.  We turned around to go back into the Walmart parking lot.  On the way out...

We saw a kitten in the middle of the road in the turn lane terrified.  Hunter stopped the car, got out, then grabbed the kitten.  -w-  Our apartment allows no pets.  We called all over.  No luck on anybody taking the cat.  So we went to Athens Walmart to see if anybody wanted a kitten.

Eventually, Markus, a cart pusher said he'd take it and if his wife didn't like it he'd put it in a shelter.  His wife's cat just died... so he doesn't know how she'll react to a new cat.  The kitten has fleas and worms.  :(  I hope it gets well and gets a good home.  Better than being stranded in a turn lane.
Usagi animated crying

Still in pain.

I think that even though my readings were fine on the UTI I believe it flaired up again. So... I'm calling the doctor's office Monday to go get checked out again.  My mom said it could have been a borderline reading.  -w-  Who knows.  I have trouble peeing.  I don't have side pain or back pain... yet.

The pain in my arms and legs still progresses.  I hurt to walk or try and get out of the bath tub.  In fact, I nearly can't get out of the tub. Even standing hurts.  The doctor said it could be side effects of my infection, so if I still have a UTI, it may be a side effect... I hope.  I don't want this to be carrying on.

These health issues can hit the road.  (ভ_ ভ) ރ // ┊ \\

I never got my 10 mg of Loxapine straight but the doc said don't worry... so I guess I just don't worry.
Rilakkuma Writing

Health stuff.

So.... I didn't sleep last night.  Just not sleepy.

My body still aches all over.  I went to see the doctor and she said it could be a side effect of my UTI.  Since I'm out of antibiotics she took a urine sample.  I'll hear back if I still have a UTI.

I gained 10 lbs.  The doctor thinks I need to double the dose on my thyroid meds.  Let's hope it helps.

Meds, cleaning, Code Geass.

The psychiatrist's office gave me a blister pack of a week's worth of 10mg Loxapine.  Lucky for me.  I need to call back on Thursday and ask what happened with the insurance accepting the fact that I need the pill.  Apparently, the insurance has been contacted repeatedly to no avail so they have to be more stern.  :/  Medicaid.

The guy is coming over to change our air filters and check our smoke detector.  I hope he doesn't think it's messy in here and tells the land lord to come for a check.  He did a few times before.  We just cleaned though.  Doesn't mean anything with cleaning violations.  We really just have a house full of stuff in a one bedroom apartment so things get hectic. The trash is taken out and the dishes aren't piled sky high or anything.  I even put the laundry up.

I need to watch the Code Geass OVA, "Akito the exiled". I'm sad because I want R3 and it's all I have to watch besides the picture diary shorts.  When the devil is R3 even coming... I only know a trailer hit.
Usagi animated crying

Pain... ow.

Ow.  My entire body aches.  It's all of my joints.  I feel so blah.  I want to get up and do things and it hurts so bad.  I tried to force myself to shop yesterday but the pain had me smashed into the cart to keep me standing.  My legs are restless.  Hunter said that they were literally jerking in my sleep.  Ow.  The ibuprofen barely helps.
Rilakkuma Writing

Aches and pains and lack of sleep...

Can't sleep again...

So, Hunter and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning cleaning.  YAY!!!  Unfortunately, I'm still having trouble sleeping. Looks like the insurance still won't cover my Loxapine in 10 mg.  Meaning?  Today when I go to the doctor's office, I'm going to tell them.  Like, look, I haven't had my correct dose of meds in two weeks.

I played the Pokemon card game online.  I win some and lose some.  I need more GX pokemon. :/  They are super hard to get.  In packs and on the online game too.  I'm still fighting with EX cards from last series. ._. Okay, enough geeky Pokemon card stuff.  I don't think anybody reading this plays...

I have massive joint pain lately.  In my arms and legs.  :(  I don't know why but I wonder if it has to do with my lack of pills or UTI or something.  It's weird to hurt literally everywhere.  Usually I have just my back or just my knees... >.> Now my side, arms, and legs hurt more than my back.  Which is weird since my back is usually the culprit.  
Rilakkuma Writing


The apartment is a wreck.  With my painful UTI I haven't been able to properly clean anything and Hunter is never home to clean.

My side still hurts pretty bad.  At the hospital they did an x-ray and a CAT scan but nothing.  It must be the UTI.  I'm in so much pain.


My mom sent me a package of some of my clothes.  Good timing, mom!  I literally had only two night gowns because of lack of cash.  She also sent me lots of cool shirts that I used to love.  ^_^ YAY!  One is my kawaii bread and jelly shirt that says on it, "Pump up the jam"!  It's so awesome.  I wear a standart 2x in men's t-shirts but she sent some larger looking XLs.  I need to try it on.  :3  I got three Tinkerbell shirts.  I love fairies.