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23 December 2015 @ 10:47 pm
Gaia, Gaia, Gaia, Gaia!  

Hi, guys!  I have been on Gaia Online A LOT!  Right now they are having a limited time Christmas event.  I always spend a lot of time on the Christmas events.  This year I am scoring REALLY big!  I'm going to sell the items that I don't really prefer after a while.

Other than that, I've been playing "LUNAR: The Silver Star" on a Sega CD rom.  I am so close to beating it!  I need to get through the extremely complex castle that I keep getting lost in and find the key, and I need to beat some bosses, then I'm done!  I wanted to finish before Christmas, but I'm not sure if I can...

To any new friends that I added recently and old friends too, I am temporarily less active do the Gaia event.  (And me sleeping 12 hours a day.  I think it's a side effect of meds...)  I usually don't spend that much time on Gaia.  I just answer private messages most of the time.

If anybody wants to talk, feel free to Facebook message me.

I may not answer immediately, but I will get to it.

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!  Happy Holidays to all!
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Current Media: I'm watching Pawn Stars!